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At The Harp Bar and Restaurant, we continue our family’s tradition of cooking and dining that celebrates the joys of food, friends, family and community, specializing in home cooked Irish comfort food, which includes our handmade  Irish brown bread.   Our diverse menu includes choices for everyone featuring steaks, pastas, burgers, sandwiches and fresh salads with house made dressings.   We have an outdoor patio overlooking the golf course where you can enjoy a handcrafted cocktail or a pint of your favorite Irish Ale.

The Harp Bar and Restaurant is in the heart of a bustling and vibrant community and is leading the way in a movement by offering real, excellent, honest food served in a warm and inviting setting. 

We look forward to sharing our passion for food and dining with you at The Harp Bar and Restaurant.

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Our chefs often at the center of the activity.
Our chefs are highly skilled and will heat up the perfect dish everytime


We utilize sophisticated materials that helps us create an enticing and comfortable atmosphere.


We have the perfect atmosphere and environment to accommodate your needs

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